Problem to load wireguard LKM in Archlinux

Tosh tosh at
Mon Nov 19 10:57:43 CET 2018


I'm using Wireguard on ArchLinux since a long time, and today I have
some troubles to start my VPN. Here is the log of dmeg when I try to
'modprobe wireguard' :

wireguard: Unknown symbol poly1305_blocks_avx (err
wireguard: Unknown symbol poly1305_emit_avx (err
wireguard: Unknown symbol poly1305_blocks_avx512 (err
wireguard: Unknown symbol chacha20_avx512vl (err
wireguard: Unknown symbol chacha20_avx2 (err -2)
wireguard: Unknown symbol poly1305_blocks_avx2 (err
wireguard: Unknown symbol chacha20_avx512 (err -2)

I did a MAJ of my system yesterday, but wireguard wasn't upgraded, so I
don't know where the problem come from...Seems a LKM related to crypto
is missing, but I don't know which one is.

My kernel is 4.19.2-arch1-1-ARCH, and my wireguard packages are :

- community/wireguard-dkms 0.0.20181115-1

- community/wireguard-tools 0.0.20181115-1

Thanks for your work,


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