Traffic on port 53 fails on LTE but works on WiFi

Roman Mamedov rm at
Mon Nov 19 17:02:11 CET 2018

On Mon, 19 Nov 2018 09:54:38 +0100
Matthias Urlichs <matthias at> wrote:

> Redirecting port 53 to their DNS (presumably one close to their LTE
> endpoint) is reasonable, that should improve speed.

There is no justification to mess with user traffic like that.

If I specifically chose to use a specific DNS server, such as (for its
privacy and non-tracking policies, however true or not), I should be allowed
to, and I should not have that redirected back to ISP's resolvers.

By redirecting or supporting redirection of DNS traffic you step down to the
level of oppressive censorship-states, for instance in "some countries" ISPs
do that (among other things), to prevent users from reading any content by
critiques and opponents of the country's dictator.

But, the overly-eager ISPs already got their dish served, in the form of
DNS-over-HTTPS (or TLS). They thought messing with DNS to "improve speed" was
innocent enough, but nope, so now they won't get to do any of that whatsoever.

As for improving speed on LTE, it is enough that the DHCP server gives you the
ISP's resolver close to your LTE endpoint. But the choice whether or not to
use it, should be left to the user.

With respect,

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