WireGuard server and multiple clients

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Wireguard should work with multiple clients by default. You just have to manually add the public key and assign an IP for each one.

Whether any specific configuration is “recommended” really depends on your exact use-case and assessment of the other options that are available to you.

Wireguard can be a great VPN to let friends and family connect to you, but so can OpenVPN or even Hamachi.

Commercial WG VPN’s are still sparse primarily because the project is still relatively young. The providers need to write custom integrations to tie wireguard servers into their billing and client key generation systems, and many may not trust it yet because the codebase is evolving so much.

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If I were to set up a WireGuard server and have multiple clients
connecting to it, is there anything I need to be aware of? Specifically,
I am looking to understand if this is recommended as I already see
commercial offering of WireGuard - but not by all providers - so I was
wondering if there are any caveats to this approach.

For added context, I was managing a VPN server for my family and friends
but now I am considering switching to WireGuard.


- J Smith
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