Seeking suggestions for a WG port to use with restrictive public wifi networks

John graysky at
Mon Nov 19 21:33:19 CET 2018

Use case: WG VPN server (linux) and iOS clients (I mention that
because the solution need to just-work with the iOS WG client without
extra steps for ease).

Goal: identify a port on which to run WG that has a good chance of
being open to clients on both LTE and public WiFi networks.

I currently run OpenVPN on 80/tcp which works for the vast majority of
networks.  I'd like to switch over to WG.

I found that port 123 is not very compatible with the public networks
I tend to use.  Port 53 seems to work on WiFi, but does not ork due to
Verizon actively blocking traffic on it.  I tried a few higher numbers
including 51820 and 41185 but they seem to be blocked.  I also tried a
few standard service ports including: 80, 443, and 1194 but all of
which failed to connect.

Should I stick with the "standard" udp service ports for my
trial-and-error based approach?  Wikipedia has an article that lists
many of these (List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers).  Any suggestions are

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