Simple Shell Script for "Status Monitoring" your WireGuard

Markus Grundmann markus at
Mon Nov 26 18:33:42 CET 2018


I'm new to WireGuard and a formerly user with some experiences on
OpenVPN with complex setups but sometimes (I believe) a tools must be
changed ;-)

Now my environment will be migrated to WireGuard and I have wrote a
little shell script to get a status page for my peerings.

If you are interested on this script please visit the following site:

A screenshot let you know what type of information the script offers as
HTML output on your webserver. My WireGuard server has no WWW interface
but I connecting from a webserver to the system with WireGuard over SSH
by a simple CGI and then I fetch the output of a script named
"wireguardinfo". However! Use/modify it on your own risk and I hope some
users of WireGuard have some benefits on this script.

Thank you for WireGuard. A easy to configure VPN solution!

Best regards,

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