wireguard-go as a library

Antanas Masevicius antanas at mysterium.network
Mon Nov 26 13:29:19 CET 2018


I am from Mysterium Network project team. We are open source dVPN project.
Currently we use OpenVPN as our VPN transport, but started works to
integrate WG too. Since we try to support all major OSes we would like to
use wireguard-go for win, ios, darwin and android.

Currently this project does not fit to be used as a library. We would like
to contribute to this project, making it a bit more friendly to be used as
a library. Would you accept such contributions or it is meant to be as a
standalone binary type project?

Is there any contribution guidelines for such improvements? Would it be ok
if we would make a pull request in a github? This way all details regarding
proposed code could be worked out.

best regards,

Mysterium Network
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