Sending just ssh traffic via wg

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Sat Oct 6 12:21:01 CEST 2018

On 06/10/2018 11:00, wireguard-request at wrote:
>> This may be a stupid question, but why do you need OpenVPN any more, if
>> you have Wireguard?
> Because it's already there?:)
> Furthermore, some members of our IT team use macs (gasp!) and for them
> it would be much easier to continue to use OpenVPN than to set up
> wireguard-go.
I use wireguard on a Mac and it was as simple as "brew install 
wireguard-tools"; create config; "sudo wg-quick up wg0".

My even more stupid question is "why use wireguard if the only thing 
it's carrying is ssh?" - but I guess it's a convenient way to tunnel to 
a network which doesn't have public-routed addresses.

(Aside: I wish ssh had a feature like SNI, so that you could build an 
ssh proxy that forwards incoming connections to the right host.  I have 
done this before using an inbound SOCKS proxy, but it's messy to use)

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