How Many Interfaces/IPs Does WireGuard Listen On?

developer at developer at
Thu Oct 25 20:54:18 CEST 2018

Hello --

I've just signed up to this mailing list and I have been perusing the previous 
messages, all the the way back to 2015. I'm currently testing WireGuard in a 
single server/multiple client configuration where each client maintains two or 
more load-balanced tunnels to a WireGuard server.

>From reading older messages, I am aware that WireGuard cannot be given a 
specific IP to listen on. Does this then mean that (for example) for a given 
instance listening on port 51820, each IP on the server can accept requests on 
this port?  Or is it that only the first IP WireGuard finds is the one it will 
listen on?  

Many thanks.

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