I am adding Wireguard to the Bering-uClibc embedded Linux distro

John Sager john at sager.me.uk
Sun Sep 2 11:53:53 CEST 2018

Bering-uClibc is an embedded Linux distribution targeted at firewalls &
routers. I have been using this for my border router/firewall for several years:


The software releases are at:


I needed to build a VPN server to play with Wireguard so basing it on
Bering-uClibc was an obvious choice. Having integrated it into my local
build environment I have offered it to the Bering-uClibc developers and they
are keen to include it. I'm still at the integration stage with them but it
should be in the next release (v6.2) due out before the end of the year.
Currently I am integrating the 0.0.20180809 release of Wireguard.


John Sager

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