src/crypto/curve25519-x86_64.h:1319: Error: no such instruction while compiling in centos 6

Mike Russo mike at
Sun Sep 2 01:38:15 CEST 2018

While I do definitely recommend their suggestion to use CentOS 7 (or take this opportunity to get on a distro like Debian or Ubuntu that supports easily upgrading to a new major version!) I was able to get this working on my CentOS 6 server using the patch from Lucian here:
This patches version 20170613 which is definitely an older version of Wireguard, but the new client works just fine with it. So you'd have to go get the old release here paste that message into a file called "c6patch" or something, and then do patch -p0 < c6patch above the directory where you extracted the .tar.gz. Then follow the installation instructions and it should build with the version of gcc installed on CentOS-6.
Oh, but first you'd have to install the kernel-lt and kernel-lt-devel packages from ELRepo If wireguard is merged into the mainline, perhaps kernel-ml packages from elrepo will contain it.
There are also a couple of modifications to wg-quick (get rid of "local -n", and the check that uses ip for type of device) but after that it worked great, seriously! ☺
Not sure if they will continue support connecting to older servers however.


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