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Sun Apr 21 23:03:44 CEST 2019

Hello. Sorry if I do something wrong, because I didn't use mailing lists before (yeah, I am pretty young), also sorry for my English, it possibly bad. I want to share feature request for Android app and it's quite simple I guess. Android has app shortcuts for some actions. For example StrongSwan (IKEv2 client) Android app has ability to create shortcut that allows you to instantly connect to chosen connection. I can put it at my main screen (or bind it physical button in my case) and easily connect to it by tapping it. I know that WireGuard Android app has Quick Setting Tile, but this is not App Shortcut, I hope you understand the difference. App Shortcuts extremely useful in case of my device - BlackBerry Key2. I can bind to any key any connection as I use it currently with StrongSwan, with extremely fast WireGuard handshake speed it will be even more useful for me.

I would send you patch, but I am backend Golang programmer, don't have time to learn Java and Android specific API's. Hope Android devs had some time to at read this feature request and take into account.

Thank you for your attention, with regards, Savely Krasovsky.
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