Windows 10 Traffic Dump on Wireguard Interface

Siegfried Herholdt (GTS) siggi at
Fri Aug 2 16:54:31 CEST 2019


I am an early adopter of Wireguard and trying out various network configurations.

I have issues passing certain types of traffic from a MacOS Wireguard client to a Windows 10 Wireguard server (master).  To troubleshoot this I normally do a network traffic dump on each side, among other things.  However, I am not able to get any combination of tools to capture raw traffic on my my Wireguard interface.

With Wireshark the Wireguard interface does not show up, even if the Wireguard tunnel is up and working for some traffic, for e.g. Remote Desktop.  The same when I use Microsoft Message Analyzer. It seem as if Wireguard's network interface is not available.  However, if I list my IPV4 interfaces via Powershell using netsh, the Wireguard interface is in the list.

Does anybody have a pointer for me how to capture the raw network traffic on the Wireguard interface?


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