Bind WG to listen on specific interface instead of

Max max at
Sat Aug 3 01:27:07 CEST 2019

  I'm very much enjoying WireGuard.  Thanks for all the hardwork!
I am currently running WG on a high port but would like to use it on port
53.  It currently will not load on 53, I think because my system has
systemd-resolved running that is bound to 53 on localhost only.

I've tried a bit of Google-ing, I've read through the man pages for wg and
wg-quick I don't seen an option to restrict the interfaces or IPs on which
wg tries to bind [the port].

Is there something I'm missing or some other solution?  I'd rather not have
to remove systemd-resolved.  I did stop systemd-resolved and start wg on
port 53 which gets wg running but breaks local DNS resolution.

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