Hyper-V 2019: unable to create wintun device: no interfaces found

Joachim Lindenberg wireguard at lindenberg.one
Sun Aug 4 14:15:37 CEST 2019


I am using Wireguard for quite some time on Ubuntu, and am now trying to use
it on Hyper-V 2019 as well. My goal is to set up a VPN between two Hyper-V
systems and allow connections between the virtual machines hosted (including
Samba AD DCs).

I downloaded and installed Wireguard for Windows, and created a tunnel
configuration on server and client. However when I try to activate any of
these, I get the message “Unable to create Wintun device: no interfaces
found” on both sides.

To me it doesn´t look  like an issue with the configuration but more likely
WinTun is missing (tried to download separately, but as it is a .msm I
assume that is included in wireguard installation) or does not work with
Hyper-V 2019.

Any suggestion?

Thanks, Joachim

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