WireGuard for macOS

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Sat Feb 16 02:26:20 CET 2019

Hey everyone,

After many months of hard work, Roopesh, Eric, and I are pleased to
announce an initial version of WireGuard for macOS:


This is built from the same code base as our existing iOS app and
makes use of Apple's Network Extension API to provide native
integration into the operating system's networking stack. The
application lives in the status bar, and after importing a
configuration, the ordinary System Preferences networking item may
also be used to control each tunnel. Because it uses these deep
integration APIs, we're only allowed to distribute the application
using the macOS App Store (whose rejections, appeals, and eventual
acceptance made for quite the stressful saga over the last week and a
half). Compared to the current CLI integration, we expect the
WireGuard experience using this app to be excellent.

For curious folks without a Mac (or without the patience to cajole KVM
into booting macOS), I've assembled a few screenshots:

This is new software, and there will certainly be problems. Don't
hesitate to email team at wireguard.com directly with bugs as you
encounter them.



PS: Because people will inevitably ask: yes, a Windows client is on
its way, and it will have a very similar interface to this macOS one.
We're taking the long and careful route, writing a new TUN driver for
Windows 7+ called "Wintun" that we expect to be safer and faster than
the current popular OpenVPN TUN driver, and also suitable for all
projects, not just for WireGuard. We already have packets flowing and
things generally work well, but polish will require a bit of patience.
If you'd like to help and have an appetite for NDIS drivers, Win32 GUI
programming, or Go, please do get in touch.

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