DNS name resolution should not be done during configuration parsing.

Vincent Wiemann vincent.wiemann at ironai.com
Sun Feb 17 19:26:19 CET 2019

It would be great if WireGuard could resolve DNS without one having to
call the userspace configuration tool manually (e.g. to support DynDNS).
One could build up on
https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/networking/dns_resolver.txt ,
but it's a lot of work and shouldn't be a goal before WireGuard becomes
an upstream kernel module.


Vincent Wiemann

On 17.02.2019 04:03, David Kerr wrote:
> Erik, see here for a proposed fix.  No response from the WireGuard team
> yet. 
> https://lists.zx2c4.com/pipermail/wireguard/2019-January/003842.html
> Recently I had a power outage and both my gateway and cable modem went
> offline. On power recovery both devices start up, but the gateway
> completes startup before the cable modem completes its protocol
> negotiations, so initially the external network (eth0) is not
> functional.  That comes online say one minute later and all is well.
> Except that all is not well.  Wireguard failed to start up because I
> have Endpoint=<a URL> instead of a IP address.  And because external
> interface is not live yet, DNS lookup fails and Wireguard does not
> gracefully handle it.  This is really important because Wireguard may be
> my only way into my local network.
> As work-around I replaced the URL with the IP address... but that is not
> a long term solution if the endpoint is not a static IP address.
> Wireguard needs to handle the situation where external network may not
> have stabilized at the time it starts up.  The above link proposed a fix. 
> David
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