wg setconf: ignore Endpoint= DNS failure

Lonnie Abelbeck lists at lonnie.abelbeck.com
Wed Jan 30 20:54:43 CET 2019

Hi Jason and list,

I would like to discuss changing WG's current handling of an Endpoint= DNS failure with "wg setconf ...".

"Configuration parsing error",  the configuration is aborted, keeping WG from starting.

Ignore the DNS error, do not change the "endpoint", and continue parsing the configuration so WG can be started.
The current stderr DNS error message will continue to be generated.
Optionally, some users may want to call "reresolve-dns.sh" [1] or similar at a later time(s) to update the DNS derived "endpoint".

I have tested this trivial patch to accomplish the proposed change:
Note: The config.c parse_endpoint() function provides additional sanity checking, only the DNS failure would allow parsing to continue.

--- wireguard-0.0.20190123/src/tools/config.c.orig	2019-01-30 09:02:53.685777217 -0600
+++ wireguard-0.0.20190123/src/tools/config.c	2019-01-30 09:03:44.253387871 -0600
@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@
				timeout >= 90000000) {
			fprintf(stderr, "%s: `%s'\n", ret == EAI_SYSTEM ? strerror(errno) : gai_strerror(ret), value);
-			return false;
+			return true;
		fprintf(stderr, "%s: `%s'. Trying again in %.2f seconds...\n", ret == EAI_SYSTEM ? strerror(errno) : gai_strerror(ret), value, timeout / 1000000.0);

This change effects:
wg setconf ...
wg addconf ...
wg set ... endpoint <ip>:<port> ...

I propose this will make WireGuard configuration more robust, minimizing the effect of an Endpoint= DNS failure.


[1] https://git.zx2c4.com/WireGuard/tree/contrib/examples/reresolve-dns/reresolve-dns.sh

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