Request for review: Add a short name attribute to peers for human friendly output

Jaseem Abid jaseemabid at
Tue Jan 29 22:59:33 CET 2019

Hello lovely WireGuard people,

I wrote a tiny patch to add a name attribute to peers because identifying
clients on my VPN just got very hard. Also hacking on wg source was a lot of
fun. I asked @zx2c4 about this a while ago and he was open to the idea.

It's not _really_ ready for a submission yet because of a few rough edges
I'd love to get some eyes on this if anyone is kind! I've never written any
kernel code before and my C is a bit rusty, so please feel free to be picky
about the review. I've added '*NOTE:*'s for the reviewer where I'm not sure
the approach.

A few other questions,

1. There are barely any inline code comments, is that intentional or
that the community would love to improve? I don't mean the really obvious
but things that are tricky.

2. Is there any interest in a getting started guide for developers wanting
work on wireguard itself? Something like the usual I had
to dig
through a lot of netlink tutorials and old kernel newbie guides to make any
progress. It would be helpful to have it in one small doc.

The patch stays in the `name` branch here[1] and this commit does most of



Jaseem Abid
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