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I am a user of the Internet Sharing option in macOS, however I cannot use this feature in conjunction with wireguard. I do not know if this is a known problem, or if it's easily circumvented by some basic knowledge of the way the system and wireguard handle network interfaces. I am sharing a description of my set-up for your consideration.

Since the area I want to cover is too big for just the ISP-provided access point, I connect my laptop (MacBook) to that access point via an ethernet connection through the wall, and I am then able to use my MacBook's WiFi adapter as a secondary access point (this is achieved through System Preferences > Sharing).

However, when I do that, none of the connected devices are able to connect to the internet, unless I disconnect from my VPN on the MacBook first. My intention is to have only one instance of wireguard running on my laptop so that any devices that connect to it as an access point will automatically be covered by the wireguard instance already running.

Note than I am still able to use wireguard on my iPhone in this case, when I connect to the MacBook access point, but this can only be done when I'm not using wireguard on the MacBook itself.

Some tinkering around with ifconfig using various combinations of wireguard and internet sharing can be found here, since it probably includes some hints I'm not seeing:

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