Running Wireguard on a switch

Vincent Wiemann vincent.wiemann at
Sat Jul 27 14:49:19 CEST 2019

Hi Baptiste,

the problem with switches is often that they have closed-source drivers
for hardware NAT etc. Thus it's not really that funny to hack them.
If every driver they use is FOSS, you could easily add OpenWrt support for it and
then everything is update-proof. Until then I rather hook an Intel NUC
or a router with IPQ401x processor to the switch for doing WireGuard.


Vincent Wiemann

On 27.07.19 14:27, Baptiste Jonglez wrote:
> Hi,
> Nowadays, manageable switches often run Linux.  Ben Cox managed to run
> wireguard on such a switch from Dell:
> He's not talking about performance (that was not the goal): the CPU on
> this switch looks like a low-end ARM so it's probably not that good, but
> it's still fun :)
> Cisco datacenter switches like the Nexus n3k have a x86 CPU and run
> CentOS, so I wonder if somebody already tried Wireguard on those?
> Baptiste
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