iOS WG Battery Life

Kalin KOZHUHAROV me.kalin at
Fri Mar 1 11:08:43 CET 2019

On Fri, Mar 1, 2019 at 11:03 AM kolargol <kolargol at> wrote:
> I am testing WG on varius OSes and devices and I have noted severe battery drain on iOS (12.2, iPhone 8). Typically battery drops 40% during night-time (that is 7 hours of inactivity on the phone) when WireGuard is engaged.
Compared to how much during night without activated WireGuard?

> Is this some kind of known issue? I did not had chance to test previous iOS version without SIMD ChaCha20 support so i cannot tell if it is becouse of the last update.
> Anything i can do to track issue here?
Is there anything using the interface, or just wg keep-alive?
May be try to change the keep-alive to a longer period.
Also (and I have 0 experience with iOS), a keep-alive packet my wake
up the phone, and let it stay awake for some longer-than-needed
interval (e.g. 5 minutes).
Try to have a look at what actually eats the battery: CPU, radio, screen?


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