Single CPU core bottleneck caused by high site-to-site traffic

Xiaozhou Liu liuxiaozhou at
Sat Mar 2 05:24:21 CET 2019

Hi Jason and the list,

Here at our corporate network we run some inner site-to-site VPNs using
WireGuard. Thanks for giving out such a beautiful software to the world.

Recently we encountered some noticeable network latency during peak traffic
time. Although the traffic is pretty huge, the WireGuard box is far from
running out of any of its resources: CPU, memory, network bandwidth, etc.

It turns out that the bottleneck is caused by the single UDP connection
between the sites, which cannot be routed to different CPU cores by RSS
on receiving. The total CPU usage is not high, but one of the cores can
reach 100%.

Maybe we can improve this by:

  embedding more endpoints in one peer so that the VPN tunnel can run
  multiple UDP flows instead of one. Hence, the single huge UDP flow is
  effectively broken down to some smaller ones which can be received by
  multiple queues of the NIC and then later processed by more CPU cores.
  It will not break current users because the single UDP connection is
  still provided as the default configuration.

It is also possible to set up multiple wg interfaces and more connections
explicitly. But it would make the network administration much more complex.

We are planning to make a working demo of this idea but we would like to
hear from you first.

Any idea or comment is appreciated.


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