iOS WG Battery Life

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Sat Mar 2 21:50:00 CET 2019

what about uninstalling all vpns and try over night?

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> Am 02.03.2019 um 20:54 schrieb kolargol <kolargol at>:
>> Possibly, is PersistentKeepalive defined at the "server" endpoint for your iOS peer ?
>> I would expect a measurable additional battery usage if either peer endpoint had PersistentKeepalive defined (non-zero).
> Both server and peer have PersistentKeepalive disabled, there is no fancy apps runnign in backgroud - and i am using exac same WiFi and VPN endpoint (for OpenVPN and WG comparision).
> WiFI connection is stable and have strong signal, same with LTE.
> The battery grap shows sharp down in the night as something continuesly draing battery (here wg)
> How can i debug it ?
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