Issues with multiuser macOS

Sven Grunewaldt strayer at
Mon Mar 4 16:28:20 CET 2019


I'm testing the official macOS application for Wireguard and seem to
have a problem in my setup. Is it to be expected to loose configured
tunnels when logging out? I have two users on my MacBook, one for work
and one for private use and always log out when switching users because
some programs (e.g. LittleSnitch) get confused when two users are logged
in at the same time. When I do log in back to my private account, all
configured profiles are gone.

Another thing, that is probably more of a feature request than an issue,
is that I'd love to create system-wide tunnels. Logging out and
switching to another user always disconnects the tunnel, but I actually
do have a tunnel that is used in both profiles. I can duplicate the
config, but then I'm not sure what would happen if I may end up being
logged in to both profiles. I assume it makes more sense to solves this
particular problem with a custom launchd process and wg-quick, instead
of using the UI.

Kind regards,
Sven Grunewaldt

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