iOS connection issue

Glen Huang hey.hgl at
Wed Mar 20 14:24:43 CET 2019


I can connect to my wg server on my Mac with this config

Address =
PrivateKey = <value>

Endpoint = <ip>:<port>
PublicKey = <value>
AllowedIPs =, ::/0

But once upload it as qr code to my iPhone, I can establish the vpn connection, but can not access any websites.

From the General VPN info, it says the server address is, which doesn’t sound right.

One strange thing is that if I change the endpoint’s ip to a couple arbitrary ones, I can still establish vpn connections, but can not access any websites and server address is, same result as my config.

Also after I scan the qr code and the VPN profile is added, iPhone will alert an error saying the vpn server could not be found, but if I dismiss I can establish the connection (and couldn’t access any site).

I wonder what I might have done wrong?


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