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Johnny Bergström johnny at joonix.se
Thu Mar 21 17:50:56 CET 2019


I’m currently developing a couple of services which will use Wireguard as its core enabler.
While looking for somewhere to ask questions or post issues I found this list, so here it goes:

1. Why not enable issue tracking on Github (and preferably not "only a mirror")? It would be much easier for someone like me to follow known problems and questions as most other open source projects are on the same platform. I would expect more contributions to your project would be the result.

2.1 Why block building with Go on linux like this: https://github.com/WireGuard/wireguard-go/blob/master/donotuseon_linux.go <https://github.com/WireGuard/wireguard-go/blob/master/donotuseon_linux.go> 
Kernel module is preferred, but there are still use cases where you want the Go version even when it’s linux behind the scenes.

2.2 Would you accept a pull request for refactoring the Go version to become a re-usable module? E.g. not have everything in package main.

3. Are there plans on a custom URL handler for the Android and iOS for easily importing a config?
As opposed to the steps involved in first then going into the app and importing.

Thank you for a great project!

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