Issues with multiuser macOS (Sven Grunewaldt)

Vick Lee confundo360 at
Thu Mar 21 03:38:08 CET 2019

> Hi,
> I'm testing the official macOS application for Wireguard and seem to
> have a problem in my setup. Is it to be expected to loose configured
> tunnels when logging out? I have two users on my MacBook, one for work
> and one for private use and always log out when switching users because
> some programs (e.g. LittleSnitch) get confused when two users are logged
> in at the same time. When I do log in back to my private account, all
> configured profiles are gone.
> Another thing, that is probably more of a feature request than an issue,
> is that I'd love to create system-wide tunnels. Logging out and
> switching to another user always disconnects the tunnel, but I actually
> do have a tunnel that is used in both profiles. I can duplicate the
> config, but then I'm not sure what would happen if I may end up being
> logged in to both profiles. I assume it makes more sense to solves this
> particular problem with a custom launchd process and wg-quick, instead
> of using the UI.
> Kind regards,
> Sven Grunewaldt
Can confirm that account switching will clear all saved tunnel
configurations for all users. Hope this is not intended by design.
Currently, I have to re-import each time account switching on macOS.
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