Windows client "Unable to create Wintun device"

Richard Reiner rreiner3 at
Tue Nov 12 05:38:24 CET 2019

On one of my machines, the Wireguard Windows client 0.0.35 was previously working well, but as of today whenever attempting to activate any tunnel it generates errors with log messages like:
  2019-11-11 17:32:48.033: [TUN] [tun22] Unable to create Wintun device: Unable to create Wintun interface: GetStringValueWait(NetCfgInstanceId) failed: Timeout waiting for registry value
An uninstall - reboot - reinstall has not corrected this/

The affected machine has received some Windows 10 updates recently as well as a VMware Player update.But another machine with the same software installed works fine.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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