FYI: systemd's networkd (v242) incorrectly setting listen-port on wg interface

Georg Faerber georg at
Tue Sep 3 00:41:25 CEST 2019


On 19-09-02 12:42:00, David Anderson wrote:
> Seems to be known to Debian:
> . I'm not
> super familiar with Debian's development process, but I _think_, from
> that bug + the systemd debian repo's state, that the fix is now
> submitted and pending upload to unstable, after which it should flow
> backwards over time into Buster.

That's only partially correct, and maybe the following is nitpicking,
but at least wanted to ensure this is known:

The fix is pending upload to unstable, and will hit testing soon after.
Expect this for the upcoming days. However, as buster is stable, it will
not "automatically" flow into buster. This needs proposing an targeted
update to the Stable Release Managers and an ACK by them -- which would
probably be granted due to the severity. If you want this to happen,
it's probably a good idea to tell the maintainer, so he knows people
would be happy if this gets fixed in buster as well.


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