FYI: systemd's networkd (v242) incorrectly setting listen-port on wg interface

Georg Faerber georg at
Tue Sep 3 00:51:35 CEST 2019

(Please don't Cc: me.)


On 19-09-02 15:46:24, David Anderson wrote:
> Thanks for the correction!

Glad it was useful.

> I tried to figure out how stuff gets into stable, but my quick
> research didn't reveal an obvious standard method.

There is some more information at [1].

> So the way to go about this is to ping the maintainer of the systemd
> package out of band? Or file a bug on Debian's bugtracker? I'm still
> not sure how to kick off this process.

Yes, and: both is fine in my opinion. One advantage of using the bug
tracker is that this then gets public, allowing other people to keep
track (or to learn about it), etc. Just responding to the already
existing bug makes sense, I guess.



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