Android 10 and DNS

Mahlon E. Smith mahlon at
Thu Sep 26 23:49:18 CEST 2019

Heya all.  New to the list, apologies for not continuing this
conversation on the thread at:

We're piloting Wireguard at my $dayjob, and so far it has been working
extremely well.  One of our testers just upgraded to Android 10, and
reported that it no longer was functional after the update.

I confirmed he -is- actually negotiated, and can reach across the VPN
without issue.  He can't resolve anything, however.

(We installed Termux and the dnsutils package -- resolution works fine
manually with the 'host' utility and the servers we've specified in the
config -- just not working transparently, which is a deal breaker for
our end users.)

I'm not sure what else to gather that would be helpful.  It appears
Wireguard is no longer using the 'DNS =' client config under 10.

Mahlon E. Smith

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