Some difficulties to initiate a simple tunnel with Android

Alexy-Rousseau contact at
Mon Apr 6 07:03:08 CEST 2020

Hello everyone,

I want to create a very simple app where the user can connect itself to the VPN without any configuration.
If I understand everything clearly I just have to use the tunnel module who implements the wireguard-go version.

I’m a little bit confused :

- I read the source code of the tunnel path and the ui module and it seems that there is some dependencies between ui and tunnel.

I have some questions :

- Is it possible to use very simply the tunnel module, without ui and initiate very simply a VPN connection?

- Do I have a good idea by using now the tunnel? Will the compatibility of the library be maintained with updates?

- If the main difference between the Android & iOS app is the implementation of the tunnel module, is it a good idea to create a flutter UI with two different ways to communicate with the library for each OS?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards, Alexy ROUSSEAU

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