MacOS: DNS setting has no effect if the tunnel is not the default gw

Chris Johnson johnsonc at
Tue Dec 1 20:39:57 CET 2020

I am now running into this problem. I'm still running Mojave (10.14.6), 
if that makes any difference.

If AllowedIPs is everything, then /etc/resolv.conf is modified with the 
remote DNS server.
If AllowedIPs is a remote private network(s), then /etc/resolv.conf 
remains untouched, and DNS is local ISP.

Did you ever find a solution or workaround? I do not want all of my 
traffic to go through this tunnel, but I *do* want DNS to resolve for 
those private subnet hosts.



On 2020/10/31 07:38, Alexander A. Klimov wrote:
> Hello there!
> I have two almost identical tunnels. The only difference:
> -AllowedIPs=, ::/0
> +AllowedIPs=, 64:ff9b::, 
>, 64:ff9b::
> The first one's setting DNS= has an effect, the second 
> one's not.
> Has anyone seen this problem, too?
> Does anyone even know how to workaround it?
> Best,
> AK

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