Android Notification Panel Removed in Android 10

Harsh Shandilya me at
Sun Dec 6 05:44:39 CET 2020

Hey Justin,

On Nov 30 2020, at 2:23 am, Justin McAfee <justinamcafee at> wrote:

> It appears that myself and others have noticed that Android 10 has
> removed the VPN status and connection details from the top-down
> notifications UI.
> If a VPN is active, the Key icon appears, but pulling down the
> Notifications bar shows nothing.

That's right, because it was moved further up into the Quick Settings
panel. If you pull again you will see a 'Network is being monitored'
warning below the quick settings tiles, clicking which will take you to
VPN settings.

> This used to be a quick and easy way to verify WG connectivity, active
> tunnel, and amount of bandwidth utilized.
> This can still be accomplished but is done by long pressing the
> wireguard toggle in the quick settings (or opening the wireguard
> application) then selecting the active tunnel and viewing the transfer
> details on the bottom.
> I'm sure this will come up again, but wanted to share with you all.
> Thanks for all the work Jason, et al. put into this project. Its
> greatly appreciated.
> - AV


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