[macOS] Using WG in multiple accounts

paddor paddor at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 22:33:08 CET 2020


I'm using a two account setup on my Mac: one for work, one for private stuff. The WireGuard app works pretty well under one account. But it does not seem to work with multiple accounts.

I tried creating separate configs for the two accounts (which I would be fine with). But, I think, because they both are set on-demand when on Wi-Fi (except my home SSID), they both try to turn on, even though the app explicitly says that a WG tunnel can only be viewed, edited, and activated by the user who created it. This seems to be a bug.

When I saw that the WG tunnel created in my work account also tried to connect under my private account, I thought I could try it with just one WG tunnel. But that still doesn't work.

Using wireguard-go and wireguard-tools (via Homebrew) seems to lack the functionality of "on-demand when on Wi-Fi except this SSID".

Any ideas?


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