FreeBSD/CARP: bind outgoing packets to virtual IP

Muenz, Michael m.muenz at
Mon Dec 21 14:07:18 CET 2020


Any news on my old request?
There are more and more users in OPNsense asking for HA features with 


Am 28.09.2020 um 13:33 schrieb Muenz, Michael:
> Hi,
> for HA solutions within Linux it seems WireGuard has the ability to 
> use fwmark to treat packet right with iptables.
> When it comes to FreeBSD we don't have any chance to rewrite packets 
> in HA setups.
> Let's say you have unit1 with master IP and unit2 with master 
> IP and a floating IP which is only owned by the active 
> unit. Without the option to bind the service to a fixed IP, packets 
> leaving the firewall will be sourced from the highest interface IP 
> which would break when the floating IP is moving from unit 1 to 2.
> I know most of the user base are Linux users but I more and more get 
> requests also from bigger companys about HA-setups via OPNsense.
> Do you have any plans about a similar feature for your FreeBSD users? :)
> Best,
> Michael

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