[PATCH] Fix formatting in wg-quick(8)

Ingo Schwarze schwarze at usta.de
Thu Feb 13 19:34:19 CET 2020

Hi Jason,

Jason A. Donenfeld wrote on Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 05:31:41PM +0100:
> On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 5:50 AM Stephen Gregoratto <dev at sgregoratto.me> wrote:

>> +.TH WG-QUICK 8 "2019-02-13" ZX2C4 "WireGuard"

> It's 2020 now, but what would you think of retaining the original
> date? Or do you usually bump it on every change? I'm not sure what the
> convention is.

The .TH macro is supposed to contain the date of the last change.

If you want to explain when something was first implemented,
you can do that below ".SH HISTORY".

>> +.PP
>> +The following might be used for connecting as a client to a VPN gateway for
>> +tunneling all traffic:
>> +.nf
>> +.sp
>> +.RS 6n

> Never seen these three modifiers. They set spacing somehow?

Not sure what you mean by "modifiers".
.nf and .sp are roff(7) requests, .RS is a man(7) macro,
and 6n is a scaling width.


>> -.BR wg (8),
>> +.BR pass (1),
>>  .BR ip (8),
>> -.BR ip-link (8),
>>  .BR ip-address (8),
>> +.BR ip-link (8),
>>  .BR ip-route (8),
>>  .BR ip-rule (8),
>> -.BR resolvconf (8).
>> -
>> +.BR iptables (8),
>> +.BR resolvconf (8),
>> +.BR wg (8)
>>  .B wg-quick

> You've ordered these alphabetically, but the original ordering was
> chosen deliberately.

Sorting first by section, then alphabetically is done by convention.
For example, see this style guide:


The reason is that the number of references ought to be small,
so deliberate ordering adds little value, and a fixed ordering
results in a more predictable experience for the reader.


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