[PATCH] Update Simplified Chinese translation

Samuel Holland samuel at sholland.org
Wed Feb 26 04:59:17 CET 2020

On 2/25/20 9:44 PM, Vasili Pupkin wrote:
> On 26.02.2020 5:56, Samuel Holland wrote:
>> On 2/25/20 2:13 AM, Eiji Tanioka wrote:
>>> Hi Samuel.
>>> I already translated in Japanese, but I didn't concern about plurals.
>>> Japanese doesn't have plurals, so does "values-ja/strings.xml" needs these fix?
>>> - remove plurals
>>> - add string resource that have same "name" attribute as plurals
>> Resources that have <plural> tags in the untranslated XML should use <plural> in
>> translations as well. However, the only <item> tag inside them should be
>> "other". (It should look like the Chinese translation did before this patch.)
>> So the only thing to fix is removing the <item quantity="one"> tags.
> It seams that russian translation is very basic and not utilize quantity="two"
> and quantity="few" forms, without them some plurals reads odd. Do you need help
> fixing it or it is done on purpose?

I don't think it was done on purpose; likely the translator was unaware of the
additional options for quantity in <item> tags. I am happy to merge patches
improving the translation (which is really up to your judgement, since I don't
speak any of these languages).


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