Android: Cannot toggle the quick setting tile on a locked screen

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Sat Jan 11 06:07:10 CET 2020

This was purposefully added in the December update for the Android
application, a user should not be able to bring tunnels up and down without
being an "authenticated". This could be added as a toggle within the app,
but it has not been done or requested as far as I am awre.

You should still be able to use the `wg-quick down` from within a Tasker
shell command.

On Thu, 9 Jan 2020 at 21:56, Kai Haberzettl <khaberz at> wrote:

> What Device and ROM are you using? Samsung OneUI has a specific setting as
> to whether network settings should be available on the lock screen or not.
> I don't see this in AOSP. Look for something like this in your settings, it
> might help.
> On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 7:10 AM Arpit Gupta <g.arpit at> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I can't say for sure when this behavior changed where I cannot toggle
>> quick setting option for WireGuard when the phone is locked.
>> I know this was working in December so not sure if the December update
>> for Android changed something or if this was an explicit change in the
>> Android app.
>> Wanted to see if any one else is seeing similar behavior and if there is
>> anything that can be done about it?
>> I was using Tasker to automate toggling the quick setting when ever I was
>> not connected to a specific WiFi network. That automation no longer works
>> because I need to unlock the phone before that setting can be toggled.
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