wireguard-hosts file

Inrin inrin at jikken.de
Sat Jan 25 03:28:14 CET 2020

Maybe instead of an external file, why not add an option like Alias/Nick/Displayname/Peername?
This would have the benefit of keeping the public key in display.

For the get going you might use (GNU) sed or similar to achieve this feature.
Create a file peernames as follows:

   s|<BASE64>|my nice peername|
   s|<BASE64>|my other peername|

and pipe wg through sed:
   wg | sed -f peernames

Of course you can get more creative. Maybe keep the public key there.
I'm not sure how to keep the colouring though.

I'm not sure if BSDs or others SED support changing / in substitutions.

On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 05:01:49PM +0100, jens wrote:
>i really would love to have a feature like wireguard-hosts file.
>whereas wg command would print given "name" instead of key - so the
>output would be more meaningfull
>We have some wireguard running in server like infrastructure, where one
>server serves dozens of "clients"
>so instead of
>peer: l9FxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaU=
>we would have something alike
>peer: superhero downtown
>some of you may be familar with batman-adv layer2 routing protocol,
>there they also have a batctl which is working pretty similar to wg tool.
>there you can add a bat-hosts file which is doing the job, which totaly
>works likes any hosts file
>a normal hosts file maps ip to name,
>a bat-hosts file maps mac addresses to name,
>a wg-hosts file would map keys to name.
>i found the sources for bat-hosts ( .c .h .sample ) here
>is this something maybe usefull to other also?
>is there a chance to have this implemented by default?
>thx for answers.
>make the world nicer, please use PGP encryption

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