[PATCH] Adding support for reloading configuration via systemd

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Sat Jul 25 14:16:23 CEST 2020

* Jason A. Donenfeld

> This actually doesn't seem too bad to me. Are there cleaner solutions
> that I'm not thinking of that I should consider before applying this
> patch?

I have no idea why my solution keeps being ignored (even after two
gentle reminders), but perhaps third time's the charm?

In any case, to quote myself from 
https://lists.zx2c4.com/pipermail/wireguard/2020-June/005585.html :

«For what it is worth, I posted a patch that does exactly this back in


Reviews or user tests would be greatly appreciated.

You can also pull from https://github.com/toreanderson/wireguard-tools
if you prefer. The commit in question is here:


There is one bugfix in GitHub compared to the patch I posted to the
list in March - using $REAL_INTERFACE instead of $INTERFACE in wg-
quick/openbsd.bash. I can post the updated patch to the list as well if
you want, just let me know.»


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