Fwd: Android Kernel Backend Bug

ND iamlegendwtf at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 20:29:18 CEST 2020

I've been trying to report an issue regarding the Android Kernel backend on
irc freenode. I was told to email here.

The problem:
On LTE, my LTE carrier assigns two DNS servers, a private 10.x.x.x IP and
When using KERNEL BACKEND, establishing a tunnel doesn't override the
carrier assigned DNS and DNS resolution goes through All traffic
still goes through the tunnel but the DNS does not respect the client

On Userspace backend, the DNS i set in the client config ( i.e. my
PiHole server) is respected.

I'm on One Plus 6 latest Android Q. I've tried 2 kernels: Cleanslate and
Radioactive kernel. Both support Wireguard.
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