Kernel Panic after updating Kernel

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Wed Jun 17 10:32:36 CEST 2020

Hi Diego,

On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 2:01 AM dxiri at
<dxiri at> wrote:
> Posted this on IRC but got no response, probably this will be a better place:
> I updated my Centos7 server yesterday and wireguard is causing a kernel panic, wanted to know if this is a known issue?
> Using kernel 3.10.0-1127.10.1.el7.x86_64
> I Tried with 2 different repos (elrepo and Copr repo for wireguard owned by jdoss) and I have the same issue.
> I took a screenshot of The kernel panic and uploaded at
> Another interesting bit of info is that as long as I don't move traffic trough wg0 vnic, no panic happens. I can easily trigger the panic by just doing a ping to the other VPN endpoint and I am able to reproduce this every single time.
> # lsmod | grep -i wire
> wireguard             200896  0
> ip6_udp_tunnel         12755  1 wireguard
> udp_tunnel             14423  1 wireguard
> Thanks for the help!
> Diego

Huh, that's funny -- I'm unable to reproduce the bug at all.

Does running this script crash for you?

If not, could you describe your setup more and maybe some repro steps for me?


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