Adding comments for a peer through wg set

Sukhbir Singh yamailinglist at
Tue Mar 17 02:52:01 CET 2020


When adding a new peer through `wg set', it seems like there is no way
to include comments in the parameters. To solve this, the hack I use
involves making sure SaveConfig is set in wg0.conf, adding the peer,
`wg-quick save' and then appending the desired comment to the end of the
wg0.conf file. This helps me add the peer without taking down the tunnel
and also saves it to the config.

Is there a better way? Note that I tried adding the comments to the
different parameters (using "#") but it didn't work as expected.

What's the reason for adding comments? So as to keep some notes about
the peer I added, like "[Peer] ... # laptop config". So if there is a
better solution for key management, please do share.



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