[Warning: DMARC Fail Email] Re: ipv6 connexion fail - ipv4 OK

Daniel tech at tootai.net
Mon Aug 30 17:44:21 UTC 2021

Le 30/08/2021 à 19:38, Roman Mamedov a écrit :
> On Mon, 30 Aug 2021 19:28:11 +0200
> Daniel <tech at tootai.net> wrote:
>> To be sure (and I think it is as I have no problem with ipv4):
>> . my interfaces are named wig4tootai our wigserver Nothing wrong here ?
>> . conf file are not named <interface name>.conf but server.conf or
>> anyname.conf Nothing wrong here too ?
> Interface names are arbitrary. As for proper .conf filenames on your system, I
> am not sure, but you can simply check whether everything looks fine by running
> the "wg" tool.
>> Conserning the setup, I made another one using one VPS (one public ipv4 and
>> one ipv6 /64 range) but get the same result. No FW involved at all :(
> Do you get WG working at all, between some other two hosts (not involving this
> particular server for now)?
Yes. Clients are shown on both sides as connected, trafic seems to go 
out on each side but other one as received near to nothing.


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