passing-through TOS/DSCP marking

Daniel Golle daniel at
Wed Jun 16 13:24:57 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

First of all, I'm sorry if this topic has been dealt with before and I've
just not been able to find the answer in the archives.

I'm currently helping to setup a bunch of Wireguard links for a
non-profit humanitarian organization (using OpenWrt, ie. using the Linux
implementation on both ends). As these tunnels are carrying a diverse mix
of data, including VoIP, I was wondering if Wireguard passes-through the
TOS/DSCP marking of tunneled packages to the outer package's headers,
similar to what the 'passtos' option of OpenVPN is doing.

I would assume this is true by default, but I haven't found any
information about it, and as VoIP performance under load isn't as great
as I was expecting, I'm now writing to you here, hoping for a meaningful
answer which will preserve me from having to read the actual code...

Thank you for all the great work!

Best regards


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