Wireguard setup tool

Georg Lehner jorge-wg at at.anteris.net
Fri Nov 12 07:14:48 UTC 2021


Thank's for Wireguard, way cool!

I'd like to share a setup tool I'm using:


You'll find wgsetup, a shell script, and a README.md file there.

wgsetup fetches configuration information for a peer via https:// from a 
.well-known location.

A node using wgsetup can only "see" configuration information for peers 
in the same "realm". A realm shares a common secret which has to be 
distributed out-of-band.

When wgsetup sets up a connection to a peer it prints out shell 
executable peer configuration instructions for the case when the node is 
not reachable via https://, e.g. because they hide behind a NAT.

Connections are always configured with pre shared keys, which are never 
disclosed by wgsetup.

wgsetup requires a POSIX shell, gpg, some tools of the Gnu Coreutils and 
curl.  Current use is on Debian Linux, I'll be happy to receive feedback 
and adapt it to other environments.

Best Regards,


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