wintun.dll + go CreateTun crash

Clint Dovholuk clint at
Thu Oct 14 00:40:43 UTC 2021

Our project calls
	tun.CreateTUN(interfaceName, mtu).

I upgraded to windows 11 tonight and this call now crashes at: at v0.0.20201119-0.20201209004655-310ae107c346/tun

which is this system call:
	r0, _, e1 := syscall.Syscall(procWintunOpenAdapter.Addr(), 2,
uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(pool)), uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(ifname16)), 0)

I'm going to try to debug why myself but figured I'd reach out to the
mailing list in case this was a known issue that's already solved or being
worked on?

Thanks (I can supply the full stack if you like but I wouldn't think it'd
help and decided to keep this mail shorter)

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