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Sun Apr 17 19:05:43 UTC 2022

On 17/04/2022 08:22, Hendrik Friedel wrote:
 > I would suggest an improvement here:
 > 1) If no Server responds on the particular domain/IP,
 >    wireguard should show a message

This would be technically achievable, but note that WireGuard
uses UDP, which has no concept of "connections". See also

 > 2) If a wireguard server responds, but the key is not valid

WireGuard does not respond if the keys are not valid. See
section 5.1 ("Silence is a Virtue") in the WireGuard
whitepaper [1].

 > 3) If the connection fails, the Windows Client should show
 >    a RED symbol under status.

This could only be determined by a previously-in-use session
having had no packets received for greater than the maximum
rekey interval (2 minutes).

However, WireGuard itself will not send any data if it has no
data to send (same section of the whitepaper), and so if you
are not using the tunnel for 2 minutes, this would be
indistinguishable from a failed tunnel.

An exception is if you enable keepalives; they are 0-length
data packets.


Aaron Jones

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