Better Output

Hendrik Friedel hendrik at
Sun Apr 17 08:22:32 UTC 2022


when using wireguard - both Android and Windows - clients, I in the past 
often thought that the connection is fine but in fact, I had a wrong 
The Windows-Client showed a green Checkmark under Status. The Android 
Client showed the "key" symbol and it showed also the "switch" on the 
right hand side (=activ) and blue.
Obviously, the connection was not working, but I would have hoped that 
Wireguard would have told me, that the connection was not ok.
In fact, I was only able to determine whether the connection was working 
by trying to access some Service (e.g. google) or by observing the 
"Received/bytes" counter which remained at 0.

I would suggest an improvement here:
1) If no Server responds on the particular domain/IP, wireguard should 
show a message
     Could not connect to [] under IP 
[2a00:1234:1234:c700:ba27:ebff:fe3e:2342] or
2) If a wireguard server responds, but the key is not valid it should 
show a message
     Connection failed. Host responded, but key was invalid
3) If the connection fails, the Windows Client should show a RED symbol 
under status.
4) If the connection fails, the "key" symbol should not be shown under 
Android and the toggle-switch should move from right&blue (active) back 
to left&grey.

Would that be possible?


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